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Eco Dot Candles

Eco Dotz Candles


It starts with imagination. And maybe a little inspiration, like a recipe for "Holiday Magic" or "Granny's Kitchen". And then, their creativitiy is stirred.
The new rage invites interactive exploration through the senses using colorful, flavorful aromas captured in environmentally friendly wax dots. The versatile beads can be layered or mixed in any order to create a bright array pleasing to the eye, spiritual to smell and just downright fun for your fingers.
All SOY wax too, so you'll have a nice, clean burn each time!


Each pouch will fill up one eco dotz candle jar.  
   eco dotz are made from all-natural, biodegradable waxes. 
   eco dotz are fragranced and colored to allow creativity of your senses.
   Use eco dotz to:
   *  Make a Candle
   *  Sprinkle on a poured candle for a layered fragrance.
   *  Create unique combinations to use in eco dotz melters.
   *  Place in your favorite dish for subtle potpourri.
   *  Layer in a vase or your favorite vessel for a fun, fragrant display.



A revolutionary concept in candle creation!
We are a company that thrives on sparking creativity...again and providing products that make memories and embrace the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle while using materials that are friendly to the world in which we live and breathe.

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